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Education Assistance

Huna Heritage Foundation awards supplemental financial assistance for college, vocational schools and cultural education workshops. Awards are made to Huna Totem Shareholders and their descendants on behalf of the Huna Totem Corporation.

Two Funding Cycles Each Year:

2015 Application Deadlines:

January 31 and September 30

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Areas of Support:

Higher Education:
Available to Huna Totem shareholders and descendants to meet financial needs that remain after other financial resources have been exhausted.
Applicant must be a Huna Totem Shareholder, be accepted by an accredited college or university, enrolled in a minimum of six [6] semester hours, be in good academic standing. Applicants must also apply for FAFSA (www.fafsa.ed.gov)

Supplemental financial assistance for apprenticeship programs for eligible persons. To be funded, training should create opportunity for gainful employment.

Support participation in instructional programs and activities that enhance knowledge, appreciation and use of traditional Huna cultural practices and art forms. Maximum awards are $300 and will be paid to the instructional organization (non-profit) for course materials and tuition costs.

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